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About Company

Indus Valley Chemical Company

Indus Valley Chemical Company is a privately owned company and represents a wide scope of Colour and Chemical manufacturers. It is very important to consider your sources when purchasing ingredients that are critical to your final product. Our customers receive the undivided attention of a flexible, responsive company that understands local markets and the thriving powerful international environment. The goal is to strengthen customer relationships and resolve service issues, increasing the ease and efficiency of operations for both supplier and customer.


Our Products

What We Offer


We offer comprehensive range of Non-Ionic, Anionic, Cationic and Amphoteric surfactants.

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We offer the finest Adipates, Benzoates plasticizers, Maleates, Phthalates, and

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COLORANTS includes PIGMENTS and DYES and Pigment Preparations

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Pharma Chemicals

We offer from India Intermediates, API’s , bulk drugs etc.

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We are very well aware about the diverse needs of the Printing Inks industry.

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Textile Chemicals

Textile Chemicals are an integral part of the textile manufacturing process

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Plastic Items

We also deal with PLASTIC PACKAGING ITEMS for Quality and sound manufacturers

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Construction Chemicals

Construction Chemicals ‘ is a generic name assigned to describe a wide range of chemical

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Email us: info@indusvalleychemical.com

Indus Valley Chemical Company

About Company

Why Choose Us ?

INDUS VALLEY ensures only quality products acceptable to the customers are offered and the international standards are maintained.

Quick response to all enquires and correspondence is the key part of the Indus Valley philosophy. Easy communication and quick service to the satisfaction of the customer is another part of Indus Valley philosophy.

From product selection to new product development, we support our customers to get the right solution to their satisfaction.