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Textile Chemicals

service-detailsTextile Chemicals are an integral part of the textile manufacturing process which includes bleaching, dying & printing, conditioning & finishing.

We offer Textile chemicals manufactured in India :

  • SIZING PRODUCTS for Spun Yarn and Filament yarn
  • PRETREATMENT PRODUCTS like Non Foaming wetting agents, Anti back staining agents.
  • FINISHING PRODUCTS like Concentrated, non yellowing, cationic softener , Non-ionic softener, Amino silicon Softener, Antimicrobial product.
  • PIGMENT DYEING PRODUCTS like Fixer, Binder, Pigment emulsions, Cationic Pretreatment etc
  • PRINTING PRODUCT Like Thickener for Printing, Economical Thickener for Printing, Synthetic thickener for reactive printing, Anionic Binder High Solids, Products for all APPAREL Printing, Rotary and flat bed Printing, Reactive printing
  • TEXTILE INKS Water based Inks for figurative, Photo Printing on knits and woven.
  • SPECIALTIES for different effects
  • ADHESIVES Lamination, Adhesives for polyester, pp, acrylic non-woven applications.
  • ANTIMICROBIAL FINISH Bacterial/ Fungal growth preventer for long lasting comfort.
  • Others