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service-detailsWe offer comprehensive range of Non-Ionic, Anionic, Cationic and Amphoteric surfactants. With a broad spectrum of chemistries and a very vast product range, we meet the unique requirements of customers, both locally and internationally. We provide Custom & Toll manufacturing services to various companies. Our Toll Manufacturing services benefits companies looking to minimize capital expenditures and also to multinationals looking for production partner to reduce lead time. We work closely to bring the product into production to the entire satisfaction of our valued customers.

The Surfactants (surface active agents) and find application in personal care products, detergents, fabric softeners, emulsion polymerization, leather and textile processing. Besides this, we also offer EO/PO block co-polymers which are specialty products. We offer esters in substantial volumes, particularly Sorbitan, glycol, glycerol and other fatty acid esters.

We also offer wide range of products which require sulfonation and phosphation processes.

Please write to us for more information on our products by referring to respective chemistries.