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Indus Valley Chemical Company is a privately owned company and represents a wide scope of Colour and Chemical manufacturers. It is very important to consider your sources when purchasing ingredients that are critical to your final product. Our customers receive the undivided attention of a flexible, responsive company that understands local markets and the thriving powerful international environment. The goal is to strengthen customer relationships and resolve service issues, increasing the ease and efficiency of operations for both supplier and customer.

Indus Valley's supply chain management embodies our corporate commitment to provide customers with maximal value at minimal cost. The company is proud to take an active role in improving the quality of people's daily lives by supplying superior products, services, and solutions.

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- Inorganic Pigments
- Ceramic Pigments
- Pigment Pastes For Textiles
- Pigment Fine Paste For Coating
- Plastic Master Batch
- Flushed Pigments
- Fluorescent Colours
Textile Chemicals
- Sizing Products
- Pretreatment Products
- Finishing Products
Construction Chemicals
- Bonding Polymers
- Superplasticisers
- Poly-Carboxylate Ethers
- Other Admixtures

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